Long time no read! See what i did there. Never mind Any-who, i’m sure someone has read the title and exclaimed in disapproval. But before you subject me to the wrath of the haram police. Gimme a sec lemme explain myself. Incase you are unaware, we are all made from that word *whispers* sex. Oh … More SO, SEX!

So the thing is…

I am a Muslim and i love my religion. I may not live out my life as others expect me because well its my life. My religion is perfect but us the followers, well……. In my dating/relationship history, i have been with Non- Muslim guys. Not because i haven’t found muslim guys¬† attractive or agreed … More So the thing is…

In My Defense..

So the year was 2015 or even 2016 i don’t remember but dates don’t matter. I met a guy in a workshop for creatives and artists held in Naivasha. It was a month long workshop. Anyway, there was a mix of various artists from writers, to painters, sculptors etc you name it. During one of … More In My Defense..


Let’s be serious for a moment…….. As a 22 year old about to graduate from University (God willing) i am aware of the pressures that surround me. Everyone i meet insists on me telling them my plan after campus, what career i will sought out (the one i studied for duuuh), if i will pursue … More SAMPLE THIS

Life Update

Still alive….barely! I ran away from this blog,well because it became the place i pour out my sorrows and i didnt need y’all knowing me like that. But now that I’m home, enjoying the holiday i decided to give y’all an update on my life. 1. Still fat..if not fatter 2. Single as a mother … More Life Update