Sup blogging world

Being new to the blogging world i dont know how this ish is done so imma wing it.My professor decided to give us an assignment of starting a blog as if all the other social media platforms we are currently on are not enough.Lets just name a few shall we…Snapchat,instagram,facebook,twitter and several others..But naaaaah those are not enough..start a blog he said, it will be beneficaial to you he said..This n*gga better give me an A making me start a damn blog and ish(*insert side-eye).

From the title i guess you are now aware that imma hijabi but im different. I got real n*gga tendencies.. From my music to the way i talk(swearing a lot..kinda working on that).

Anyway welcome to my little word where i vent to y’all in a comedic fashion since im funny(*hijab flip*) and i do hope no one takes offense to whatever i say. Please keep in mind i have a brain to mouth filter malfunction and i tend to say exactly what pops into my head. And if you do take offense drink some milk and go to sleep.

Y’all are welcome to comment on topics you think i should talk about .Im open to suggestions.I’ll be posting on a weekly basis In Shaa Allah.Lets strive to get that A* yaaas!! i mean be a blogger who impacts society and the environment or something like that.

And anyone who knows how this blogging thing works please comment underneath cause your girl here is as dumb as they come when it comes to technology.This technological world is a big maze to me and frankly to start this blog i just hit a bunch of random keys and prayed for the best.And i can say i haven’t done so bad i think, i assume, i hope.



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