Valentine’s Day..yeah no thanks

Its another beautiful Monday morning that has been graced upon us..Yeah hell no..this Monday is cold, i have a cough and i have lost all meaning in the word ‘strive’. I’m sitting on my bed contemplating if this whole university thing is really necessary.You know I can get married like my hababa(grandma) said have a bunch of babies and increase the Kenyan population.A lady has to take initiative you know, we need voters in this country.
Any-who i got my a$$ up as many might have guessed (insert crying emoji)
How many are excited about valentine’s day..yaaay i know im NOT. This is the one day i hate in the year and its not because im single..naaah its just an over hyped day that forces people to act in a particular way towards the person they supposedly ‘love’ . I’m not about that.
Okay but on the real tho..why red..why wear read .First of all some of y’all look like a de-feathered chicken in red but i aint hating.. Im observing.. Ooohhh and i cant wait for instagram posts about how much you love one another knowing all too well y’all are some unfaithful mofos.
Dont lie we know..God knows..err’body knows ashame the devil.
And for those who are lying to their friends that they will be going to some expensive restaurant (Villa Rosa Kempinski) unless kempinski opened a branch in River Road..shut your face
Dont take offense and if you do…drink some milk and sleep
Imma see y’all next Monday In Shaa Allah
(*shout out to everyone who shared my blog..i got views out side of continental Africa.. I appreciate y’all so much . Imma share my grade with y’all*)

Lutfiya Wanjiru


2 thoughts on “Valentine’s Day..yeah no thanks

  1. hahahaha sliding in your comments like a boss lmao…i love this its so true to the T…stupid a** fake people on valentines day but then again i secrety want flowers too #singleandbitter hahah except its ‘haram.’ there is this red line on the word haram haha English doesnt recognize the struggles. good work keep it up…plz dont use me as case least don’t disclose my name….be breezy! ciao


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