Lord have mercy

And its Monday..Honesty it was Friday like 2 minutes ago. What happened??
Monday is just all round bad. I was stuck in traffic for over 2 hours with my mum complaining how life in Kenya is so expensive *sigh*
But on to more interesting things, the week of doom and domination is looming(i hope that’s proper grammar) now for those who dont know what the week of doom is(*talking to the male species here*) it is the week whereby a female looses all common sense and turns into a fire breathing dragon.LITERALLY!!
Imma try to spear y’all the gory details and talk about what goes on:

1.We tend to loose these things called “common sense and mental stability”


2.Our appetite rate is higher than a Viking
3. We hate everyone. Dont take it personally but just seeing someone’s face we get automatically pissed off.
4.For some reason we come up with strategies to take over the world.I dont know how but we just do.
5.We got insults to shutter one’s whole being.Im talking A1 insults to keep you questioning if you actually really exist.

So basically we crazy..that’s it no scientific explanation behind it. We just insane.
This ladies and gentleman was only part one.Next week In Shaa Allah we shall discuss as to how *yes you the male species” shall handle a lady during this delicate period (see what i did there)

Lutfiya Wanjiru


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