You think your parents are crazy…lol

Ssup y’all another Monday and another so grateful to everyone who reads my posts.Y’all not tired of me??
Over the weekend i happen to have a discussion with one of my friends and the topic was our parents.She was going on and on how her parents interfere in her life and what not.
I dont see why she was complaining..I thought all parents interfere in everything we do. My friend was sceptical so i decided to break it down to her how cray cray most parents get.
1. What is theirs is theirs what is yours is still theirs.”You have to share” is their go to line.For instance when you come home with food you are required to share but if they bring some food home especially their favourite dish, they refuse to share.

2.You are not allowed to talk back when getting a lecture..and if you keep quiet you are being disrespectful
3.For me personally my mum threatens to haunt me if she passes on cause i stress her life apparently
4.Every muslim child has been told they will never see Jannah(Paradise). The convo goes a little like this.
Me:Maa what did i do
Maa: what you did..more like what you didn’t do. wallahi i will make sure you won’t even smell Jannah you wont even see the gate.Laana-tul-llah(Curse from God)
Sounds harsh but it feels like normal after hearing it 10000 times
5.If a  girl burns food..our mums swear that our mother-in-law will return us back after 2 days cause we are useless
“What will your mother-in-law say.. I will be called a horrible mother.. I don’t know how to raise a girl..Ya Allah (Oh God)” *insert fake crying*
6.Most parents think every guy you know is your boyfriend. Lord have mercy your parents see you talking to them
Maa:who is that
Me : Tariq
Maa:where you meet him, why you talking to him,is he your boyfriend, you want to make babies?
7.Many of our parents dont speak the best english and if you try to correct their english they threaten to correct your face know how it’s nice to knock before entering someone’s room.Most parents dont know that..they burge in full military style.. Kicking the door out of their way..
So if you ever complain about your parents just know there other parents crazier than  yours.
All in all we still love them unconditionally although they seem not to be mentally stable.

Lutfiya Wanjiru


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