Helllloooo…i ain’t no damn therapist..but go on

Monday monday monday..why now..why honestly.. Traffic in Nairobi is ridiculously shameless i hate human kind for some reason.lol
The other day actually Saturday my friend calls me up at 12 am midnight..y’all need to understand this..at night.. Darkness..middle of the night..WTF
I picked up…”bitch you better be dying or in the process of discovering a gold mine..cause i don’t understand why you calling me”
Her: “Lut I’m sorry but i need to talk to someone..You awake?”
Me: “woman that’s why God is there..hell dial up that psychologist on hope f.m.”
At this point she starts crying although I’m a heartless bitch i ain’t that heartless
She tells me about how her man is acting up, not treating her the same way as before,chilling with girls she ain’t never seen before at this point i start singing hotline bling in my head.
Now here’s where me and my friend are distinctively different. If it was me and my man acting up..boy i ain’t about that life..imma dump your ass ..boy you ain’t gone stress my life
You wanna play..boy imma show you how its done.And if we happen to meet imma pass your ass as if we have never met
And this ladies and gents is the reason why I’m not in a relationship..i don’t know how to play these mind games with someone.. You wanna leave bye nigga. With term papers and assignments hanging over my head i don’t got time to deal with an immature child.
Oh well i comforted my friend told her all will be well her man will come around all that.
Lol me stressing over a boy …as any Kenyan parents would ask”umevuta bangi”(have you smoked weed)..That day shall not happen. lutfiya. A beg!!!hell no

Lutfiya Wanjiru


4 thoughts on “Helllloooo…i ain’t no damn therapist..but go on

  1. Lol! That therapist from hope f.m. … They should pay you for advertising them…. These niggas be stressing us, forgetting that we have term papers and shit! Smh! …. They can go live with their supply of Vaseline… I feel like its one of our UDAKU moments…. You don’t stop amazing me with these posts!! ….# Say no to immature beings

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