When we gonna hang out…yeah naaah

Ssup y’all its Monday and i apologise for the let entry but i have a good excuse..actually not really that good..i just forgot..this uni thing is driving me mad i swear.
Lutfiya dont like stress Lutfiya is not happy Lutfiya wants to kill people..Lutfiya insane… Okay enough with the weirdity(not an actual word)

My friend came over to my house for a sleepover and out of the blue she decided to contact an old friend of ours, you know going through a little nostalgia.Actually, she was high on flu medicine and his name happened to pop up when she was scrolling through her phone. So we decide to call him up and we were shocked it actually went through keep in mind the last time we talked to him was in 2014.
So after about 4 rings he picked up. She thought about hanging up but me being the devil’s advocate, I talked her out of it.


Guy:Hey (insert friend’s name here)
Her:Hey…..(not gonna mention his name)im shocked you still remember me
Guy: Well its hard forgetting a psychotic girl like you
So they talked ,had a little walk down memory lane
Her: so it was awesome talking to you
Guy: yeah it was, so do you wanna hang out some time
Her: uuuhhm uuuhhhmm
(*and then here lies 2 minutes of silence and her phone does that teeetee sound to signal she has no credit*)
Me:uhhhmm idk when, you can tell me
(She hanged up and questioned her actions while assigning blame to me )
Lord why didn’t you send us a sign that we were doing something stupid I thought you and I were good. I thought we were homies. But it’s cool. To do stupid things is the first step in learning to never do stupid things especially when heavily medicated. My own quote feel free to use it.

Lutfiya Wanjiru


8 thoughts on “When we gonna hang out…yeah naaah

  1. Omg had the same experience the othr day…i mean nah i dnt wanna hang out am just dreading the zero things we hv in common at ths point hahaha

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