I Hate This Long Distance Thing.

Today’s post is a little different I’ve been told to open up more so im doing exactly that.Im gonna tell you about the love of my life.The one man who holds my heart in his almost frozen hand I never talk about my love life but here goes nothing.
He means the world to me but the problem is, he lives far from me, I do get to see him often but the problem is he’s always cold. Whenever i touch him he’s warm but when he opens up slightly all that comes out is pure ice..it hurts feeling and touching the ice but i have to,i have no alternative once again he is my all..Every morning all i wanna see is his ripped physique,his face shinning so bright is distractive and the sound he makes when i approach.. Oh Lord its like a drug, a high i never wanna come off from.I always long to see him after a long day as i know he possesses all the items necessary to take away my pain.Even though we love and hate..i cant get enough of him.Every end month he’s happier i guess because he has been replenished but after that every time i try to open him up,he’s empty,nothing,a vacuum of cold air.Please Lord help me and my soul from this cold hearted creature who possesses nothing but ice..Ice that brings me back to life with every touch.

I try to move on but to no avail,he has me chained i belong only to him he whispers with every heartbeat..i am his but he is for everyone.. Everyone stores their valuables within him,they may even sign a contact to hide their valuables from prying eyes..i may be his but he is for everyone.

That’s it im done this long distance thing is killing me..the fridge is moving to my room A.S.A.P…im done sharing it with my family..no more..no thank you.i aint no Mother Theresa.

Lutfiya Wanjiru


2 thoughts on “I Hate This Long Distance Thing.

  1. Lutfiya!! You’ve jazzed me! … I knew it was too good to be a love story. Idk why, but something seemed different. But if I didn’t know you then I’d believe it was lovey dovey thing! …. Anyway, you slayed! …. I wanna move in with your fridge! Lol

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