A conference and two lonely hearts

You guys im so sorry i didn’t post yesterday.I actually thought it was Sunday until one of my followers on Instagram Dm’d me reminding me..i didn’t know you guys actually follow my blog religiously…im really grateful.So over the loooong holiday i attended an Islamic conference you know to learn more about my religion and to also repent for my sins..LOL!!
While there the usual happened ,lots of prayer,meeting old friends and fellow repentees.During the lunch hour as i made my way together with my darling mother to the prayer ground i spotted a beautiful being.So beautiful i actually tripped.This never happens to me but i was literally knocked off my feet.This beautiful being knocked every fraction of sense out of me.. but then as i got up and tried to ignore the embarrassment.The beautiful being disappeared. I am ashamed to say that throughout the rest of the conference all i thought about was the beautiful being.The white ‘thoub’ the ‘arafat’ on his beautiful perfectly streamlined face almost delicious actually. Ya Allah (Oh God) please forgive me for i have sinned. I shook off the weird feeling cause it was getting a little obsessive and then as if the good Lord had planned it out, i met the beautiful being again and this time it was face to face but my good Muslim girl instincts kicked in and i quickly walked away..Haraam haraam i kept telling myself.
But afterwards i kinda felt stupid, i should have really asked the weird looking  guy where he got that beautiful shawarma he was eating. it was wrapped quite nicely in white parchment paper with a red serviette on top It was the most beautiful thing i had seen in a while. I guess the love story wasn’t meant to happen…

Lutfiya Wanjiru


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