Well aren’t you subtle

Well aren’t you subtle
Making me believe we live in a bubble Punching you in the face was highly considerable
But I’m sure after the war, my bloody body shall be lying in rubble.

Who said i couldn’t write poetry..i can slay anything.. I’m basically wonder woman in  a hijab and more clothing on and typical curly hair that has a life of its own.

Recently , well my last two post have left people wondering..and that was the whole motive to leave y’all confused 😊

But im going to put y’all out of your misery..
1.i am single A.F the only bae i got is food.
I’ll probably end up being a cat lady with about 50 cats ,a baby goat and if my landord permits even a giraffe (Old McDonald had a farm eeeya eeeya ohhhh..Anyone??)

2. I love cars…like i really love cars..fast cars to be exact..TEAM SUBARU!! And the love of my life is my car. Do i love my car more than people..Hell yeah..i might as well live in my car..i ain’t playing.

3.I don’t like people..sounds weird right..but certain people i just don’t like..the mere sight of them irritates me and i hold my tongue i wont tell you i don’t like you..but my face!! that’s a whole other ball game..my face don’t hide shiit..my face is expressive.. My face gonn tell you “i don’t fuck with you) my pretty face gonn me into trouble one day.

Now y’all know a little bit more about me.
And btw any brother out there that is willing to have his patience and sanity tested ..holla at me I’ll send you my Wali’s (guardian) number and you know we could make things happen😏😏

Lutfiya Wanjiru


2 thoughts on “Well aren’t you subtle

  1. That poetry, I’m not psychic but it sounds like such a true story. I’m sure it is. I’ll help you punch him, HE DESERVES EVEN WORSE! But I love how you embrace LUTFIYA for who she is. You do you girl! And it’ll all fall in it’s place.

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