Late post again.. im really sorry its exam week and shiit just got serious. The whole morning i’ve being going through PowerPoint slides filled with info i have never seen in my life. Like seriously, i do daydream and take naps during class but i usually hear what is going on. But what i saw in those slides is pure rocket science typpa shiit. LORD TAKE THE WHEEL!!!!!

Long story short, these exams gonn fuck me up. PROPER.Setting aside the evil concoctions of Satan(exams) today for once i actually struggled to find a topic to talk about and then it hits me, why are some breed of species stupid.

im talking about downright idiot, nothing but hot air in their heads.Try and peak into their ears you’ll see directly to the other side.EMPTY.Funny thing, this same empty headed species acts like the  Albert Einstein of the 21st century .Now it is my responsibility to inform y’all, yes you my brain-cells lacking friends YOU AINT SHIIT.

Is it harsh, absolutely, but seeing you talk about something and thinking (actually more of assuming, i really doubt if they think at all) you know so much is much more painful.Antananarivo is the capital city of Madagascar, anyone can find this out in like 2 seconds on google but no, some ‘special person’ decides it is a sickness.

This makes me to beg the question ‘where you dropped on your head as a baby?’ ‘was your mum on drugs while pregnant?’ ‘did they mess up your vaccinations?’ ‘ Didnt your parents offer the right sacrifices to the Ancestors ?  noooooo i know, Antananarivo is a disease you have just discovered and the medical world shall soon come and consult you.How excellent of you.

This is not a diss session but i had to let y’all into some of the stupidity i experience everyday. Some people wonder why i dont hang out with them. It is because every time im around you, it feels like im slowly loosing  brain-cells.And this is not nice. So i do hope you heal from your ailment knows as Antananarivo

. It sounds serious maybe even contagious  You should immediately consult a Doctor and since im so nice, i found one on the Internet. Dr YouHaveGotTo BeKiddingMe. Dont worry about the name, i hear he’s a specialist straight from Europe.His number is (020-Lord fix this idiot-8844889)

AND if you happen to take offense, relax, take a nice walk and maybe jump off a cliff !

(currently on hormones overload………..BE VERY AFRAID)



8 thoughts on “WAIT…SAY WHAT??.. OH HELL NO

  1. Antananarivo. That word is even so long to type. But aiii GIIIIRL! The shade thrown was massive. …. The disease is widespread though, so we will find them everywhere we go. QUITE SAD!! …… But you’ve slayed. Like you always do.


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