Take your WAHALA somewhere else

And school is closed..Thank you Lord
  you have been good. 3 weeks of pure hibernation is well deserved. Typing out this blog while in bed is the best feeling ever i tell y’all.

Over the past few weeks, people have found a way to irritate me so much its ridiculous. So i decided to compile a list of all the situations that are just pure Wahala.

1.When your ex-boytoy call you up talkin about let’s get back together knowing all too well he aint shiit and got p**sy nigga problems..Saitan’s offspring  please take your wahala somewhere else.

2. When a little bitch try you but you know you were saved by the Lord but she still getting on your nerves and you could send her to her maker on a wooden bicycle but she just doesnt listen.Dear Medusa please take your wahala somewhere else.

3.When you’ve finally gotten your life together and you’re doing great in school.Finally feeling like everything is on SLAY. and then a fine as hell nigga shows up and starts confusing you what is this now!!!..rendering you English-less, can not form proper words around him..Just lift your hands onto his shoulders and say :dear ungodly temptation , son of the forbidden and cursed people please escort yourself out of my life and take your wahala with you.

4. When you are broke as hell..your wallet is filled with nothing but cobwebs and air and then your friends invite you out for lunch. Are you making fun of my financial situation? Are you making fun of God’s plans?.Please take your demonic tendencies somewhere else..i have no time for wahala.

5. And then these special people who think  sending you snaps that are already on their story is something cute…A beg..is there something wrong with you.How many times do you want me to see your ape like features.. Okay fine lemme tell you now: 1- eyebrows are not meant to be found in the middle of your forehead you look like a demon.
2- all that foundation and your life is still a hot mess..so sad
3- concealer.. What are you trying to conceal we all still know you look like burnt jollof rice..Lord fix it
4- eyeliner..now this one i can not stress enough.your eyes look like they took part in a exorcism process and the devil won..sprinkle some Holy water.you should be fine
5- your lipstick is a pretty red but a horse can pull it off better than you

Now before you send me a snap that’s already on your story, please i ask go thorough what i have just said above and question yourself.Stupid enough to fill my snapchat inbox with your face..The lightening that will strike you..!!!! Take your demonic face and pure wahala somewhere else!!!!!

(P.s. wahala means trouble)


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