It takes a lot of courage for her to open up her heart, but for you she takes the leap. Every time she sees you, her heart starts racing, she cant help it, your mere presence brings her very soul to a standstill. Every nerve ready, awake and anticipating. Her eyes light up as they meet with yours. Her breathing is heavy, her lungs have shrunk cause you knock the very oxygen right out of her. Witchcraft? Maybe! but a sorcery she has nothing but adoration for, you’ve bewitched her and she doesn’t mind. Not at all.

At times she pretends not to see you approaching, just to try and hide the fact that you cause a stir in her world and she’s terrified that its evident to everyone around. She hopes and prays you give her a hug maybe just for a minute and in that minute she disappears into her own little world where you are her’s and she’s yours. A hug that weakens her insides, making her legs turn into jello, every nerve on high alert, she takes in a deep breath, inhaling your captivating scent and hoping to retain it in her memory.

She lets go of you reluctantly, she has to play it cool. You cant know how she feels, you shouldn’t know, you shall never find out that you cause a stir in her body, mind and soul.Alas she’s nothing but one of the guys. She makes fun of you, hoping it will point out your negative aspects and take away the need she has for you, but it backfires and the longing grows stronger. BAD PLAN!!!!

When she sees you around other female friends, jealousy takes over her but is she wrong to feel like that??.She wants you all to herself. Is it really that wrong??. She knows the girls are only friends but she cant help but see them as a threat. She has to chill, keeping in mind she’s just one of the guys.

The both of you text and snap each other the whole day and when you leave her on ‘read’ ย it drives her insane. Why are you ignoring her to this extent and all she wants to do is love you and treat you right.She has no right to call you out, cause she ain’t your girl’ she’s only one of the guys.

At night when she lays her head onto her pillow, she comes up with scenarios in her head of the two of you being together but that’s all they are, imaginative scenarios, never gonna be, never gonna happen. WISHFUL THINKING!!!

She had a specific criteria laid out for the type of guy she would go for and you are way out of that criteria. She loves the idea that you’re ‘different’. Perfectly different, she happily addresses you as “my own different”.Its hard for her to see you every day as she longs for you to finally see all that she has to offer but you only see her as one of the guys, a homie, a girl he happens to know. She broke into one million pieces when you told her without any hesitation that “i’m glad to have a good friend like you!!” AN IMMEDIATE FRIEND ZONING.CRUSHING HER HOPES. CRUSHING HER HEART. So cute you are none the wiser.




2 thoughts on “JUST ONE OF THE GUYS

  1. Going to the super market to buy a pair of scissors and cut patches on his head. ….. Honey! He didn’t see the good in her! She should give him a hug and tell him that she’s sorry that being blind is such a struggle. ..

    I love this though. It’s just like “Inception”

    Again you slay.


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