The Holy month of Ramadhan is here once again and i thank Allah for blessing us all to witness this wonderful month once again. Ramadhan is a month that is filled with blessings and hence there are a couple of things as Muslims we are urged to avoid.This Holy month isn’t just about fasting from sunrise to sunset but also engaging oneself in activities that please our Creator.Now imma give y’all a do’s and dont’s list to help you Β (those who engage with me),during the month of Ramadhan.

DON’T PISS ME OFF- Some of y’all have such a knack for annoying me and this results in me abusing you. Please i’m trying to avoid all evil during this month so please don’t. Cause when one annoys me, an anger hormone is released, which then stimulates my nervous system to raise my body temperature which then results to the anger hormone getting into contact with a catalyst known as ” Oh bitch you better not” and this reaction results in the spilling of insulting words from my vocabulary file.Thus causing emotional harm to the recipient. So please be nice i’ll try to be nice as well (i promise).

KEEP THE GOSSIP TO YOURSELF- I do appreciate a good gossip story but not this month. And this goes to my BFF cause Ash you got some serious issues bruh. If you find out something juicy, just write it down somewhere and give it to me later. No matter how earth shattering it is please don’t tell me until after Ramadhan okay

TO BAE OR NOT TO BAE-Dear people who suddenly discovered that i’m the best thing for their life please, shove those feelings into a jar and throw them into the Nairobi River. I ain’t interested, not now, not next week, not past Ramadhan like never bruh, never. This is me and God time you can go sit in a corner and weep.Just kidding but seriously don’t tell me.

NO TOUCHY TOUCHY- To my male counterparts, this to tell y’all there will be no more hugs, punches, fist pumps. Generally no physical contact. EVER. So don’t come up to me with your arms spread out wide like an eagle expecting a hug, it ain’t happening my friend.

These are just some of the few things that we should try to avoid. I’m bound to come up with more soon enough.Anyway the important part that this a blessed month that everyone should strive to be the best version of themselves. I’m trying to have my sins forgiven here people. Now say it with me “WE GONNA BEHAVE THIS MONTH AND MIND OUR OWN BUSINESS”



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