I thank God for giving us the opportunity to successfully finish the first week of fasting.As with all things the religion of Islam tends to confuse many especially now with this Holy Month. And since i’m such a ย nice person(LOL) I’ve taken it upon myself to try and break the codes that you may hear being thrown around by my Muslim brothers and sisters.


The wordings may differ depending on which country you hail from but they all mean the same thing. Suhur, Daku, Sehri refer to the meal consumed early in the morning by Muslims before fasting.It usually happens before dawn the time when your sleep is sweeter than your mother’s carrot cake. It is advisable to only have a light meal that will keep you nourished and with a lot of energy..PLEASE! We all know Suhur time is beast mode time. We eat biryani, with some fish fingers on the side, not to forget the samosas and the kebabs(LORD HAVE MERCY, THOSE KEBABS THO).What to drink you ask?? The obvious Vimto, some fruit juice and a little bit of coffee you know to help in digestion. What is a meal without dessert??๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜? Remember that carrot cake i mentioned, yaas grab that and some Vanilla ice cream, don’t forget the chocolate and the skittles. Finally some water, gotta stay healthy you know.


The term Iftar is universal. Iftar refers to the meal Muslims have after a whole day of fasting.The period of fasting defers between nations and that’s why people open their fasts at different time. The same goes, it is advisable to open your fast with dates(the fruit people) and some water. Okay this is kinda followed but then, bring on the food MOTHER.Fresh samosas, the kebab temperature is just right, the vimto consistency is divine, made by the Angels in heaven.With every bite, our veins are quenched and our tummies come to life. Can i get an Amen??But beast mode is put on hold so that we can pray Maghrib and the smackdown is resumed shortly. So if you call a Muslim brother or sister during this time and they don’t pick up, please understand we are busy, very busy after we are done, we shall be right with you.Patience is key people


Taraweeh is a prayer special to Ramadhan. It is conducted about 2 hours after Iftar and it lasts for about one and a half hours. The Holy Quran is usually completed during this time.And it is a beloved prayer as a large number of people congregate together and pray to God.Now the down side is that the Imam(leader in prayer) recites long chapters and everyone legit just had so much food and can barely keep their eyes open. Not to mention people keep burping up kebabs and the scent takes over the mosque and oh Lord if the fan is on, everyone will get hit by different scents, some pilau here a hint of curry there, a dash of spring rolls here and a whole lotta samosa all up in your oxygen space..But Alas is still an awesome experience praying all together.
As usual the post is way too long(sigh)
I’ll be back next week with more terminologies
(P.s. this post is for comedy purposes, Haraam police calm down๐Ÿ˜’๐Ÿ˜’)


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