Sup guys, (i never get over that)πŸ˜‚.This week’s blog post is gonna be different. I know i say that alot but trust me its different. On Friday last week i happen to receive a direct message(DM) from one of my readers.I expected the usual, either saying I’m funny or how the post made their day or the haraam police who claim my actions are ‘un-holy’.But this time, it was actually someone who i don’t know personally (But i hope to change that) asking for my advice.I know what you’re thinking, who in their right mind would seek advice from a lunatic like me, but alas it happened. She.. let’s call her Sara, asked to keep her identity anonymous and i shall respect her wishes.Below is her DM

Hiiiii Lutfiya!!!! B4 i begin, let me just say u are an awesome person. Ur blog literary makes me and my friend’s week.How do u even come up with ur topics tho?πŸ˜‚My name is Sara and im Kenyan and i have somewhat of a question i hope you cn help me with.Im sure maybeΒ  you dont even read your dms but i hope you read mine.Im university student(majoring in medicine).Im in my 2nd yr and life is pretty okay only that i have aΒ  gigantic crush on one of my friends(a guy) and idk what to do about it.We both know dating isn’t allowed in our religion religion but i really like himπŸ˜₯.My parents would kill me if i try & stray away from the rules but the heart wants what it wants.Me and my crush lets say he’s called Jim met in first yr and became pretty close.We talk almost everyday and he makes me feel special, tho I’ve come to notice he acts the same way with other girls. He usually complements my snap selfies(yes im those ppleπŸ˜‚) and says im very pretty and sends heart eye emojis and the actual heart emoji.(do all guys do this?) And i find myself fantasizing about how great we’ll be together.I know its Ramadhan and i should focus on that but Jim is always on my mind worst of all, i see him every day. What should i do Lutfiya? Idk why im telling you all this but i feel like i can trust you and you are someone who wont judge me.PLEASE HELP.😭😭”

Okay first things first…I’ve gotten her consent to blog about this to help anyone else with the same struggle but not courageous enough to ask.
Sara, i have been in your shoes and Lord its a struggle.
Having feelings for someone when you very well know you shouldn’t is something i kinda have a knack of doing and its getting annoyingπŸ˜‘.In this day and age of everyone having a ‘bae’ one tends to feel left out.Wanting to have your own ‘relationship goals’Β  tag.

If ‘Jim’ really likes you, he’d do the honourable thing according to Islam and approach your father.Seems kinda old fashioned but its the right thing to do.
And about the heart eye emojis and what not(πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜˜πŸ˜˜πŸ’β€β€) lemme just tell you ALL GUYS DO THAT either intentionally or unintentionally. Leading girls on is one of the few talents the male species has and let me tell you, don’t catch feelings just because he uses the emojis, or he texts and calls you all the time, he’s probably doing that with 6 other girls.

For one I’m no Saint and what i have put in this post is just a drop in the ocean, i just hope more of you guys are courageous like Sara and look for some help and answers to your questions.And Sara lets focus on Medicine, your prince charming will appear when the timing is just right.Dont rush God’s plans.Ramadhan is the perfect timing to ask God for guidance, just sit down somewhere quiet and talk to God trust me prayer is everything.

P.s. i know the post is long, don’t complain just be good children and read😊 and haraam police, go ahead and JUDGE me!! I dare you😈


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