HAAHAHAHAHHA…GOT YAH. No, but seriously stop whatever you are doing, its a matter of state importance. Something so top secret even Jack Bauer ain’t got nothing on it. Wait for it…..Wait for it…Wait for it… I’M TURNING 20 YEARS OLD. Okay stop insulting me now for keeping you in suspense but my birthday is very important. The date is even marked on the President’s calendar come on. June 30th is  a date on the calendar, and BTW calendars have been in production for hundreds of years. The Greeks knew on June 30th a legend would be born, a legend whose name would reign long after she’s gone. Talk about being special. Alright back to business, turning 20 is no easy feat, I’ve managed not to drop out of school (keeping my fingers crossed), my life is kinda on tract and i use the word “kinda” my Mum hasn’t disowned me (yet) and many other things i could have done but didn’t. THANK GOD.

I thank God for blessing me to the extent He has and allowing for my special day to fall during a special month. Many of y’all think that just because my birthday is during Ramadhan that it will be a sucky day. HEELLL NOOOOO. Ramadhan is a very special month and the fact that i get to celebrate my birthday this month its a BLESSING. I cant even explain how awesome it feels. When i was younger i used to always picture how i would be once i turn 20 or older. Well i thought i’d be in better shape(not happening ever ), id be studying abroad(LOL some dreams tho) my hair would finally start cooperating with me(my curls have a mind of their own) but other than that my life is better than what i expected. Once again gotta thank God for showering me with blessings.

As i get older I’ve come to realize not every situation requires a reaction, its just for me to keep quiet and leave it to karma. Karma may take her sweet time but once she gets to you ooohhhh its phenomenal. So if you did me wrong i forgive you but Karma is coming at yah like a freight train.I HOPE YOU’RE READY.

And to my heart and mind i’m so sorry for all that I’ve put you through this past year. Some red velvet cake and Vanilla ice cream should mend the wounds. If overthinking was a form of sport, i’d be winning gold medals. i’d even have my face and name in Hall of Fame.

Anyway, my birthday is on the 30th of June 2016 just for those who don’t know. NOW YOU KNOW. Birthday wishes in the form of letters, texts, dm’s , cheques, m-pesa transactions, wire transfers are all acceptable.But most importantly keep me in your prayers(but that m-pesa wouldn’t be so bad tho).


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