People Eid is coming and i am excited.i am sad Ramadhan is coming to an end but  boy don’t i love Eid..The food, the new outfits, the henna on fleek, my hair co-operating, family coming together.. Yaaaaaaasss bitch yaaaaass.

Tbh i never really leave my house on Eid but its the one day i can glam up without being questioned by my aunties.I can wear a full face of make up without my aunties asking “why are you looking like a clown” “why is your face so oily” “why are your cheeks so red” “are you sick, you seem yellow” Save me the bullshit its called make-up( google itπŸ˜’)

Not to mention my eid outfit will be know why?? Because i sent a picture of it to all my cousins just to make sure there is no matchy matchy situation going down.Thank God its not..Snapchat shall be filled with images of me and food..its the one time in a year where i actually put effort in how i lookπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ so my snap family is entitled to see how bomb i can look if i tryπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

My mum’s biryani tho….Lord knows how good it tastes. I dont know if she adds other spices or some witchcraft juju voodoo but it is FIRE!!.On eid day i dont know what calories are neither have i heard of the word self control and i shall smack the stupid out of anyone who tries to judge me.

When the night comes we’ll be popping bottles and when i say bottles i mean bottles of Coca-Cola people calm down.And most importantly we’ll be thanking God for allowing us to witness another ramadhan and praying to Him to allow us to witness another one(see what i did there)

Moreover, it will be my birthday turnup we’ll have some cake cake cake cake…soooooooooo im still waiting on those m-pesa transactions people ,at least send me airtimeπŸ˜’πŸ˜’.If you didn’t get a chance to wish me a happy birthday you still got time..Now get to it😈



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