Sup guys , i hope y’all doing great (bluh bluh the usual).Eid was lit fam, i ate way too much but it was LIT. Yesterday i received another DM asking for my advice (my IG handle is @lutfiya_rashid btw) and this time it was from a guy..Goddamn!!!

“Hi lutfiya, my name is ;lets say Peter and I’ve been a fan of your blog for a while now.You are one of very few bloggers who keeps it real.You mostly post from a females perpective but let me just tell you, even guys suffer when it comes to love.I really liked this girl(we are in the same university and we share the same classes) and i couldn’t bring myself to tell her how i feel.I assumed she felt the same way about me.You know constant texting, long hugs, flirting etc.Now a few months back i got the nerve to ask her how she feels about me and she hit me with”You’re a good friend”.Da Fuck!!!!! I was friend zoned.Now she has a new man(fucking posting pics of them together and im fucking jealous).This is very un-African of me, but what the hell do i do now cause im gonna loose it”

First of all Peter, im very proud of your courage and lemme just say welcome to the family of the rejected.You are currently going through several stages which as the rejected society we are familiar with:

1.Shock- it kinda goes like this” who the fuck you calling a good friend. Do you know i took my fucking time to like you.Naah bitch naah this good friend is meant for someone else(*insert use of mother tongue here*)

2.Anger- involves rage and thoughts of burning down their house.’How would you like it if i pulled up to your crib and set it on fire..fucking good friend.(*insert calling onto your ancestors here*)

3.Denial- ‘nope not me, no one (good friends me)..naaah not me, never me, i think im stuck in an alternate universe and reality is gonna set in..soon'(*insert questioning if you are under the influnce of drugs here*)

4.Acceptance- seems impossible right, but it will happen.You will accept that they dont feel the same way and you’ll start hating them less(*insert getting rid of the voodoo dolls here*)

5.Normality- you’ll slowly but surely go back to being normal with one another and end up actually happy for them for finding someone(*insert throwing away the reports of their new bae here* also deleting you stalker history)

Does it still feel akward when you see them together, yeah yeah(after that when you see them, you’ll just be like ‘Meh’ and the pain of rejection will disappear(plus you is way too fly to let one little friend zoning put you down).

God’s plans are the best people He knows why He took the person out of your life “maybe they crazy, or a serial killer, drug peddler, maybe they not even human (alien typpa shiit) ”

So Peter all will be well(in a couple of weeks this whole situation will just be a funny memory (trust me, you’ll laugh, soo much).Plus i kinda stalked your page and damn boy,God really blessed you 😏😏)

Haraam police, go ahead please judge eagerly waiting.Your opinions give me lifeπŸ’―

(.p.s. I think i should change my major to psychology im good at this shiitπŸ™ŒπŸΌ)



  1. Lutfiya I love your blog πŸ™ŒπŸ™Œ
    I swear it’s my new favorite thing to read…. I have laughed to the point where my tummy hurts cause of your amazing Insults gosh I love them :’) πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ and omg I relate to mostly everything you’ve blogged… can’t wait for the next blog πŸ™‚ xxx

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