She Ain’t No Damn Bird

A lot has been said, a lot has been withheld, a lot has been buried

A lot has been set a side, a lot has been declared and a lot has been forgiven

All in all she tries to understand where you are coming from, a form of innocence only few can relate to, is it her fault that she saw the Angel being corrupted by a Devil ;in your eyes. She saw pain,  she saw longing, she saw understanding more over she saw love.That dreaded four letter word that brings nothing but trouble, a curse.Her past came barking at her and it was all sent to hell.

A lot has been misconstrued, a lot has been blown out of proportion, our hearts have bled rivers; rivers filled with passion, fear and pain .Isthis what people call love??. Feeling like all your insides are being tossed around by one human being. God put her as is, who are you to stir things up.She thinks to herself,” My Angel or should i say My Devil with an Angelic face, or maybe My Devil with the Angelic appeal, what do you want me to call you??”

She used to make fun of those suffering because of love but alas here she is, looking at past texts and thinking “how could i be so naive,”……. “all you wanted was to have some fun. A little entertainment”. What you didn’t know is that she was a lost soul trying to find her bearing in this horrible world.

“Loving unconditionally is not for the weak hearted” a gentle man once told me. If that is true, Lord knows she must have the ‘strongest’ of hearts cause that’s all she does. She loves unconditionally and each time she does, she is taken for granted, swallowed , chewed up and spat out as if she’s nothing . All in the name of ‘unconditional love’. But she still remains hopeful, maybe one day, all this love she posses will serve well to someone, one day, maybe, as for now she’ll be left trying to find her Prince in an ocean of frogs, termites, leeches, fire ants e.t.c

But what do i know, i’m just a blogger who likes writing about peoples’ lives.

Have i ever been in love you may ask. My answer is simple- Love is for the birds



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