Meet the Emperor

Hello there, my name is Zitaronia Pimplesolis and i am the emperor of  Acnenarnia. I have ruled many nations across the world and if haven’t occupied your nation,dont fret im on my way the list a bit long.Please take a ticket and i shall be with you soon enough.

As an emperor i have suffered for so long in all the countries i have occupied. Many do not appreciate my presence and im only there to tell you there is something wrong with your system.Such as when my extended relatives Hormoneddys are having their usual fights(mostly because someone has stolen someone’s man) i really understand that family.Dont get me started when the Hormoneddys and Emotionners meet, Dear Jesus it is the worst thing ever.It takes about a week to calm down the situation, i even have to hire new subjects and pay them extra.Its expensive shiit.

I however do get a long with mother nature..SOMETIMES.I dont understand women, i only see her once a month, we have some fun then puff she disappears just like that.Then to make it worse she shows up again and acts like nothing happened.Isn’t this a syptom of Schizophrenia??

Mothernature stirs up trouble then leaves me to clean up the mess and just to add insult to injury, i have to deal with the emotional abuse from my hosts.I swear, women are gonna be the death of us.

I seriously dont understand why you would hate me yet im trying to help.I’ve been called all sorts so things such as nasty, icky, piece of shiit.Im a damn emperor and i hearby demand you put some respeck pon mi name ya hear.๐Ÿ˜ค

I do apologise for my grammar deviating, i was currently in Jamaica.It’s quite a hot country but filled with really nice people.If you do happen to visit, look for people called Vybz Kartel and Popcaan tell them the Di emperor who de put clot back into bloodclot sent ya.

I don’t appreciate people staring at me as well as my hosts.Its very disrespectful.Didnt your mother teach you manners.Moreover dont tell my host what to do so that i can leave.Lemme me tell you something you little human . I have conquered Goliath and that other guy he fought. Now just try and guess what i’ll do to you.Keep in mind Goliath had a lot of surface area to cover.So keep talking shit , im watching you.

Now that you’ve learnt a little more about me, stop popping me.How would you like if i pop you??What if i pop that big head of yours??

(P.s. if you read this post without getting confused,lost or your brain didnt spontaneously burst into flames, your parents definitely didn’t drop you on your head and be assured your ancestors are very pleased with you) Bless You Child.


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