This Uni thing isn’t working out.

Its the end of the semester and you know what that means..EXAMS..I actually dont mind the university education, its just that exams force you to read and cram and store information in your less than active brain.Its quite exhausting actually. As the queen of all things unproductive, i hate studying.

I’ve been going through PowerPoint slides chock full of things, i cant call it information cause it just looks like juju to me.And to think this semester I’ve been a good child, i have gone to MOST of my classes, i even submitted my assignments on time.But exams really make me contemplate if i really need that degree..

I can always get married…Does anyone know if Dangote’s son or even grandson needs a wife and if so where do i sign up.I’ll bring my own jollof rice, we don’t even need a reception, people can drink black tea and go.The whole shabang should happen in 15 minutes tops.

If you’re confused and dont know who Dangote is, well he happens to be the official mascot for the african content..JUST kidding..He is the richest man in africa, and not rich in laziness or a passion for witchcraft.Rich in dollars, Euros, Pounds, Dirhams..Nigga be ballin literally..His bank account or accounts have more zeros than i can count.How many of y’all can count to 12 billion dollars??

Now you see why i wanna get in on some of that green paper..i mean you see why i wanna marry into such a goal oriented and God fearing family.Gold digger you say.. Who?? Me?? Naah!!😏

I will strive to meet Dangote one of these days.You know entrepreneur to entrepreneur and if you happen to be affiliated with the mogul, halla at your girl. And by affiliation i dont mean you are his gardener, driver, houseboy or watchman.I mean affiliation by blood and when i say blood i dont mean affiliation through the blood of Jesus.😒

Africans are very funny people, someone gonna show up and straight up tell you how him and dangote are related cause they both inhale oxygen, or they were born on the same day not to mention they are related cause both their mothers, are mothers;or even how they were born in the same time zone.Hence they are family.

Naah fam naah, if your last name aint Dangote dont waste my precious time, as an entrepreneur working towards her goals;time is the one thing i cant waste😉

But seriously does anyone know his IG handle? Kinda desperate here. 


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