My To Do List

Sup guys, the holidays are here with us once again.Thank you Lord. This semester has completely whooped my behind and im glad its over and done with.

Now since its time for some R&R, im kind enough to develop a to do list for this holiday:

1: Be unproductive to the best of my abilities.I plan on doing nothing at all, leave the house?? No thanks fam, im glad to be a hermit for the next 3 weeks.

2:Finally catch up with all my shows, i hate seeing spoilers on the internet.It literally drives me insane.Now i can finally get with the program and know what is happening in the TV world.

3.Get back to finishing that damn book.😒Did i mention im writing a book, i have been doing it (attempting to write) for the past 5 years😂.But hopefully soon I’ll finish it and publish.

4. Give advice to my less fortunate associates on the importance of minding your own damn business.Maintaining your lane is a full time job.Get employed people.

5. Brush up on my curlinary skills. A little disclaimer, i was actually supposed to join curlinary school, but i chose media instead.I can cook real good fam. (Future bae, you paying attention??)

And when it comes to minding your own business. Just remember, he that dwelleth on matters that dont concern thee, will get hit in the face with a chair-eth.

Happy Holidays people

Make sure y’all have fun, but not too much fun, the world is already packed, we dont need any more people😒 plus diapers are more expensive than well you know😂


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