Excuse my grammar

Well look what we have here, a 2 for 1 speacial folks.Two blog posts in the same week.Goddamn

Now, I’ve received a lot of backlash from some of y’all(is this acceptable as proper english?) concerning my grammar. Don’t take it the wrong way, all your ‘opinions, advice, concerns, tips etc’ have been duly noted.

I have decided to provide my  wonderful readers with a history of my English education, background etc(Literature as well as Grammar).Leggo!!oh so sorry excuse me, i meant lets proceed:

For the past 15 years or so, i have studied the English language like any other school-going child. But at around the age of 12 years ,my teachers noticed that i had a somewhat ‘talent’ in writing. They then proceeded to advice my dear mother to enroll me in English literature workshops. Might i add, i thoroughly enjoyed myself.

English especially literature is my first love.Everything about it fills me with an excitement paramount to everything and everyone.A form of love i didn’t know existed until i put pen to paper and i was transported to a universe where everything is possible.

The impeccable manner in  which how simple alphabets form words and how these words impact the mind, body and soul still sends shivers down my spine.Simple words that draw one into an alternate dimension, restoring faith in the unbelievers.All this with just words, simple A B C D E F G ……..

My essays used to be read out in class(you guessed it, im bragging) and my teacher was always pleasantly surprised by my ability to bring things to life using mere words.My vivid imagination really helped me to achieve good grades.(considering i sucked in Math, sciences basically everything else)

English is a very beautiful language but at times, one does get utterly bored of the same old same old. When i was starting this blog, i sat down with a large number of people and basically conducted a survey.

This survey was intended to try and help me to fully understand my target audience(which is between the ages of 14-29) and what i found remarkable is that grammar wasn’t important at all to them.All they wanted was a good laugh and i delivered what the people wanted..A GOOD LAUGH.

Now, for those who thought i was just writing these posts for the sake of it, I’m not.With every ‘badly structured’ sentence i type out or as my friend put it throwing grammar to the wind, a part of me cringes. But i know it is something that entertains my audience and that is my goal.Might i add they keep coming back for more, i must be doing something right.

But I’ll leave it up to my readers, shall we continue as we were or shall i show you what im really capable of when it comes to ENGLISH GRAMMAR! 


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