Going back to prison

Sup guys, i do hope y’all are doing fantastic. Some of y’all gave me the silent treatment after my last post, but oh well, ME NO CARE FAM, ME NO CARE.

Anyway, next week on Monday i go back to prison, together with 6,000 other people.Uni is back on and im not looking forward to it, im just not ready, im not😭

New semester means new classes, new lectures, new people to meet and every single one of them fucking up my nameπŸ˜’. Its seriously not that hard LUTFIYA /LUT-FEE-YAH/.

Anyway leaving that aside, there are a couple of things that i think we need to address in order to make it a productive semester:

1-If you walk hella slow infront of me and i am courteous enough to say’excuse me’.But then you turn back with major attitude and ignore me..be rest assured imma bop your weave straight outta your head. I have major anger issues and you shall be the reason i get arrested.Dont play.

2-I’d like to believe that we are all commrades.Going through this struggle together, therefore if i ask you to sign me in; please do so its not like im asking for a liver transplant.

3-Please, please, A beg😭 don’t come at me at 8 in the morning with mad information.Fam I’ve not had my coffee yet,im not awake okay. You could make me sign away my own mother and i wouldn’t know..so please take a seat and i shall be with you soon enough.Once brain activity is regained.

4-For those of y’all who dont like sharing your answers for an assignment.Please let me inform you, that shiit is not the Holy scriptures okay. We aint in jerusalem hiding from romans.Bitch just give me the answers and maybe I’ll tell you that your right eyebrow looks like its having a sezuire and your eyeliner is running down your cheeks faster than kenyans at the olympics.

5-Dear lecturers a word of advice, when you see my damn hand up that means i know the answer. If my hand is not up i don’t know the answer. So i will really appreciate it if you dont call on me .I’m busy day dreaming over here, some are trying to nurse a hangover, or even making major life decisions, do not interrupt us.

6-And this question needs to die “Why are you single, i dont get it like you’re really pretty!’.Well thank you, its just that someone did juju on my love life. And I’m waiting for them to undo it

If we follow the above stated we should be just fine😊.

P.s. im now officially a sophomore, no more freshman jokes. I met wonderful people who are now family.But some of y’all i really wish i could un-meet, no one told me Satan and his offspring go to my Uni😭😭


4 thoughts on “Going back to prison

  1. Satan and his family shall not prosper **in Nigerian accent

    But the eyebrow one.. Killed me…..
    Enyewe these guys who jifanya with answers. It’s not cool..what goes around comes back around.

    Hell yeah! Sophomores all the way. 😊😊

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  2. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ great piece! But do not ask me to sign you in,I’m terrible at it,and will never ask that of anyone. Juju on your love life? (Mmmmhhh why you always lyiiiin’)…well,you know better. Haha! Guess I’ll see you in school,sophomore year should be a banger!

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