Dear Younger Me!

Part 1

The past 2 weeks have been interesting.The comment section was set of fire and my DM was flooded with questions. I do appreciate the response, but some of y’all too damn nosey.Since i didn’t answer most of the DM’s, I’ll generalize the answers here:

1. NO! he’s not my ex

2. NO! i didn’t break his heart

3 . NO! we don’t have something going on( God forbid)

Shout to kababa,junior, my very own smurf (he gonna kill me) 

Moving on, have you ever sat down and wished someone would give you a manual of some sort on how your life would be. Like guidelines and steps to follow so as to ensure you don’t fuck up?(excuse the profanity)

Now with scientists getting smarter and technology getting better, at some point they should invent a time-machine(that actually works)and i’ll be able to send my younger self this letter in a bid to avoid us/she/her from messing up(i knew this blog post is gonna get weird)

Dear Lutfiya(the younger and less hot version), this is gonna be one creepy letter to write but oh well leggo(this means to begin). I don’t know what age you are right now so i’ll try and generalize everything. Imma try my best but girl you and i both know we are not the smartest cookie out there. (My head is spinning with this she/her/we business)

School isn’t going to be easy, well kindergarten was pretty lit (this means awesome) if i remember correctly. You will love every minute of lower Primary, the teachers are really sweet(except the math teacher in year 6, that man was a pain). After that, i hate to break it to you,but school just sucks. BIG TIME. You’ll wanna drop out but mum is nuts so that aint gonna happen.

Hababa(grandma) will keep stuffing your/our face (again my head is spinning) with food and sweets(im not complaining). You’ll end up looking like a stuffed hampster, but a cute stuffed hampster. Sadly we/you will get teased for a while and i expect you to beat each and every one of those bullies up(not in school though, i dont need you getting suspended)All those episodes of WWE will come in handy. Trust me, i know.

Please dont let mum dress you/us in that hideous pink puffy ass dress for your birthday. Stick to the jeans. For all that is Holy,please stick to the jeans.If needed,cry and promise to learn how to cook.Promise you’ll start washing your hair more often. Promise you’ll keep your room clean. Dear God promise something.

To be continued……………………….

P.S im done with my exams. The first two did things to me that exam papers should not but i will survive.Going back to being insanely unproductive. #SlothGang


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