Dear younger me II

Part 2

It seems y’all enjoyed me writing a letter to myself(not crazy at all). My stats went through the roof and i just wanna thank each and every one of you.Its because of the astounding support from you guys that i continue posting every week.

Now let’s go back to the letter:

“……So i think I’ve scared you a bit, my bad. I’m about to make it worse. Puberty is gonna come at you like a summo wrestler. Matter of fact, the hormones are gonna land on you like a tonne of bricks(mood swings anyone). In simple terms, puberty will not be your friend.In fact it will be a complete and utter bitch .Weight gain will be inevitable, you will inhale oxygen and gain weight. Just looking at food, you will gain weight.Thinking about food BAM! Weight gain.Good news is that most of it will shed off with time.Most of it.

Please embrace that you are a tomboy. Dont be freaked out by the fact you like cars more than guys(you’re not weird, you’re special). Car Engines will excite you more than any guy out there. Plus boys are demons.You’ll figure that out for yourself.

I’m not saying that you should avoid guys totally, but just be hella careful. Especially the pretty ones, them niggas nothing but trouble. Good trouble but trouble none the less.

Just a word of advice,Djs are good friends they are a lot of fun actually. But when it comes to them being more than friends,just remember, DEMONS.

Okay about cars, you will have mad road rage and a love for speed(if the car is not going at 100km/h you’re not driving). That means traffic arrests will be part of your future. Just remember this, smile and pretend you dont understand Kiswahili or English when you get stopped by the cops. Works like a charm every time.

As i finish up, even though I’ve tried to tell you what to avoid, some of it you have to experience yourself. You’re a fighter and nothing will shake you.

P.s. uni is liiiiiitttt…except the part of the assignments, term papers, annoying lecturers and even more annoying students. Other than that, you will totally love uni. Please prepare yourself for the mad rumours about your love life.Your big mouth and very friendly personality is to blame.

But you’re gonna be just fine, i think. I haven’t fucked up ……much

Lots of love Lutfiya”

Them assignments are coming at me from every direction Dear God, I did not sign up for this a beg. I signed up for fun…where is the fun??…WHERE??????

And im waiting for all the Demons i mean DJs(honest mistake) i know to attack me.If y’all gonna kill me, get me those event tickets first though.


6 thoughts on “Dear younger me II

  1. 😂😂 now what is this Aki! Ati demons. Mpaka nime screenshot. I love this post. Totally talks about the psycho being you are right now. And I can totally relate with these assignments struggles. 😭 we need to finish already. Lot’s of love ❤


    1. Hiyo screenshot unapeleka wapi😂😂…yes, demons, if the shoe fits that is😂😂😂… so done with this sem😒😒..bitch finish?? Where?? nigga im dropping out ✌🏼…love you more❤❤


  2. Haha I just happen to stumble across your blog and I must say…,here’s a fan…,your humor is on point and the advise;amazing…,can’t wait to see more if your work…


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