Not About That Life

I’M not about many things in life, but this one thing that i’m gonna talk about…..i’m definitely not here for. We all know that i am basically an expert when it comes to relationships(insert hair flip). I’m more than willing to give you advice if you ask for it or even when you don’t. Now unfortunately or fortunately(fortunately…yeah fortunately) i’m single but the people i hang out with aren’t(well most of them). My third-wheeling game is STRONG, its my new profession actually(how am i proud of this??)

Now during these third-wheeling events, most of these couples argue and fight when i’m right there or when in public(have you no shame?). It is beyond uncomfortable when i’m just sitting there as these two go at each other for some dumb reason. Jesus can y’all chill until i’m gone surely.Some of these arguments are flat-out petty. Why is so and so texting you? why didn’t you answer my call? where and who were you with yesterday?who was that on your snapchat?  why did you hug him like that?. A beg,this will not and shall not happen to me. This level of INSECURITY i can not handle.

So you wanna argue with me because of the person on my snapchat. My question is what exactly was he doing? Was he touching me inappropriately?NO. Were we in a compromising position?NO! Then why in hell you going off on me.But at least you’re showing some emotion. The ones who just keep quiet, have a bad mood and sulk while you’re around them piss me off the most. Nigga why you having mood swings, last time i checked i’m the one with the uterus here. Talk to me, fight, scream, punch a wall, do something. Cause when you sit in silence how are we supposed to fix things? HOW? TELL ME HOW?

This post is more of a rant, guess you must have figured that out by now. Why am i so pissed?(when am i never pissed though) It’s because i don’t understand why y’all just cant be adults while in the relationship. I just cant. If necessary set ground rules so that y’all can avoid clashing unnecessarily.A relationship works best when you communicate with one another.

I do hope y’all in relationships can learn something from all the knowledge i have just dropped. Will i be able to apply this to my future relationship? Lord i do hope so, cause once i decide on who i wanna be with, you can bet the bottom dollar that i will do whatever it takes for us to be good….as long as he tries with me. We both need to try that’s all it takes.

P.S. This post is not to insult anyone, its main objective is to knock some sense into those of you who just cant get past the fuckery. I’m pleading, bring an end to this childish fuckery.

Honestly, i don’t how y’all do it……between uni,my social life (which is near non-existent), the monkeys in my head and my work. I don’t think i have time for a relationship. But if there is someone out there who lowkey loves me, i can compromise, that degree isn’t that important.


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