Is This LOVE?

This is such a strange post to write but oh well. I’m always open to my readers and i think its high time I end the BS. I actually have someone special in my life. Before someone shouts “haraam” take a sec. We met in Uni and from the first moment i laid my eyes on him, i fell in love. His face, his eyes, ridiculously captivating smile and that height Oh Lord 6 ft of pure gorgeous.Y’all need to understand, this guy got me weak at the everywhere, the knees were already gone.

Anyway, we chilled for a while, we exchanged numbers and the texting began. In person he was so shy but on phone i don’t know what courage came over him. We were so different yet so much a like. He didn’t find my constant cursing annoying on the contrary he found it remarkable how i can turn F into an adverb, verb, noun and an adjective.

He wanted to know about my dreams, my ambitions and what makes me tick. I did ask him the same and his face would light up as he talked about his major. For the first time, International Business Administration actually sounded interesting. Well its because he’s interesting.My interesting.

He is wise beyond his 20 years, how he looks at life leaves me in awe. Finally, someone who i connected with on a level that i didn’t know existed. Yap, he did this.And i’m glad he did. After many months he began nagging me about meeting my family and we all know that can’t happen. But he understood, he didn’t quit the nagging though. Come to think of it i love the nagging.His nagging is cute. He’s cute.

The other day, he finally got to meet my mother and i was so shocked that she actually ……………..”Marketing of your products is absolutely crucial. That is if you intend for your products to be successful…………………………………….. and my ass wakes up in MKT 3010. These mid-class sleep sessions are insane. In 25 minutes i went through a whole Telenovela-like love story. Lord is this a sign though? Send another sign so that i know the first sign was actually a sign.

That is way too mush for one night, all that sweetness nearly gave me diabetes or is it the 19 snicker bars I’ve eaten. Don’t judge, i was developing a marketing strategy and looking at all those words confused my brain.But I’ve finished it. I also made a projected income statement(y’all dont know what that is..dont you?)  and i think…. i have a future in bullshitting . I didn’t know shiit in that thing, strategy, witchcraftry, Satan’s concoction or whatever.I hope the Lord gives my Professor  a temporary illusion when he marks it. Every wrong section, he sees it as right…If not, I Project an evaporation of my good G.P.A and this results in me not making an Income that makes a Statement to the public.(i dont know where i was headed with this)


8 thoughts on “Is This LOVE?

  1. You know…I was hoping he was a journalism major and maybe I 5’4 or is it 5 or 6….the heck idk but I know you know what I mean.
    And then….he’s not met fam if he’s not met us….Lastly, does he wear glasses? Asking for a friend.

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