I Like The Rain

Its Saturday morning and the heavens are weeping. The tears crush into my bedroom window startling me awake. What a nice “get your ass outta bed” alarm.The intensity feels like the sins of the world are being washed away,a tear at a time.

What does one do during these gloomy days? Grab some tea, your favorite comforter and stare at the rain. Its so interesting how dark clouds and lots of water everywhere changes the appearance of the environment. Everything is clean. I feel clean..at least my heart is clean.

I see a pretty lady in her heels trying to duck for shelter. One wrong step and there goes her ankle. She looks like she has somewhere to go, people to see, maybe a loved one but alas the rain ruined it all.

I see a little boy, a look of dismay plastered all over his sweet chubby face. His bicycle by his side, he cant ride it, he cant play. The heavens are cleansing the world my boy, play will have to wait. How long shall you wait? I don’t know my boy, that’s up to God.

I see the clothes in the hanging line getting drenched, i guess they weren’t clean enough. A red shirt slowly turns to dark maroon as it gets saturated with water. I wonder how much more it could take until the pegs give way and the whole thing drops to the muddy ground.

I see the streets getting flooded and the water finding its way to the nearest sewage pipe. How many secrets are within that water? How many sins are being swept away? Where shall the water go? Lord knows. What happens to the secrets, they remain secret. As for the sins, we only hope for forgiveness.

I see alot, alot more than usual. Attention to detail level way past a billion. The beauty of rain. So simple yet so powerful. Who knew plain old water falling from the skies can do this.The sun may come out later on, but i’m not making any promises.

I really wonder what he’s upto..is he hating the weather or is he curled up in bed..

All in all sit by the window and admire God’s work. 


2 thoughts on “I Like The Rain

  1. Love this.
    I like the rain too, for the same reasons.
    Thanks for letting me sit with you at the window.
    And you know what? Coincidently, I wonder the same thing in my world.

    Liked by 1 person

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