Lets Take A Second….Or 2

Its Monday and i am indeed very sorry for not posting last week. I don’t know how, but i forgot i had a blog post to write. University is whooping my behind for real. Anyway i’m here now and i decided its high time we appreciate a few people in our society.

Lets take a second to appreciate the the wait staff in the cafeterias and cafes. They work very hard to provide us with the much needed service.And we should appreciate them more cause if they want, they can fuck up your food and my friend lemme tell you.The diarrhoea that will hit you is still taking laps around the world.

Lets take a second to appreciate our Public Service Providers. As the name suggests, they provide us with transportation, at a cost though. I’m not talking about the fee, NO. In some PSVs one can actually have their feelings stolen, the range of smells can knock out a sniffer dog. Nuclear warfare? Naah, just collect the gas emissions the PSVs  release add a little Sulphuric Acid and puff the whole world is gone. Quite cost effective, Trump you listening?

Lets take a second to appreciate our music providers, our mix masters, the people who keep us dancing in the club the whole night. I’m talking about the broccoli supplier. Just Kidding. Our Dee Jays are not appreciated enough. Do you know if they wanted y’all could be jamming to music straight from an artist’s album without any mixes. Like adding all those sound effects really hype people up(fire truck sirens, moans, weird laughter..all that). Spinning that thing that looks like a tuktuk tyre is hard work people. Not to mention throwing their hands in the air like they just don’t care. We appreciate you.

Lets take a second to appreciate the Mr and Miss know it alls. We are not condemning you for knowing things, we are actually encouraging you to continue filling your pea sized brain with more irrelevant information.Yes please continue telling us how penguins don’t sit down completely or how Baboons scratch their butts in a clockwise fashion. Very informative. We appreciate you.

Lets take a second to appreciate the people who absolutely aggravate every nerve in our systems. One doesn’t even need to buy a jumper in this cold weather, just think about those special people and Eureka, heat has been generated. Not the good kinda heat…you know that heat you get when you take that first sip of hot tea and it burns your tongue …Ketepa to be specific(had to Kenyanise that) that heat. Heat of annoyance, volcanic heat. So dear special people you are our heat sources and  we appreciate you for that.

And the last second is to the people out there who are Hell bent on suffocating human kind with their body odour. From the mouth to the armpit and the damn feet.We know, not all of us are privileged enough to afford a bar of soap. We get it. But i think God provided us with water and it works magic. Just a little will go a long way trust me. Once done with the water, please stand outside and let God’s breeze dry up that water and blow away the stench as well. But we appreciate you for your struggle.

The Semester is almost coming to an end. Hallelujah. Say it with me people … Hallelujah!! Holiday is that you coming over the Himalayas…Mount Kenya rather..(gotta keep it local and shiit)



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