End of 2016 detox

​After consuming a lot of trash this whole year, i think its only right if we all go on a detox(you have no choice). What shall this detox include?? Nothing too crazy, things that are easily available;

         1.Detox from boys/girls, we shall need  4 ounces of avoidance , 5 servings of prayer and 5 litres of self control.

2.  Detox from brokehood,  we shall focus on making more green or brown(depends on the colour of your currency). This will include 4 hours of hard work, 3 days of motivational lectures and 3 servings of educational books.( I think these are available on Amazon)

3. Detox from hate, we shall need 6 ounces of contenment, 4 litres of Holy water,7 serving of religious quotes and unlimited supply of mind your own business.

4. Detox from drama,we shall require 2 hours of silence, 1 day of deleting screenshots, again unlimited supply of minding your own business and a shot of common sense every 20 minutes.

By the end of this detox, we shall all be ready to grab 2017 by the horns.But don’t expect too much from next year, 2016 was..how can i put this…. 2016 was shiit, mierda, caca. 2016 was definitely a guy, constantly letting me down, filled with false promises etc

P.s. this shall be the last post of 2016 as the blog shall be under construction. I want to make it better for you guys. Please be patient and I’m sorry for any inconveniences. 2017 will be different God willing

HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!!!!!!!!!!!


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