Lets just take a sec and appreciate how banger the blog layout looks. i told y’all the site was going under construction(a few things are gonna change though. I’m not fully satisfied with the layout.I obsess a lot and yeah still not happy). I got my own domain name (thehijabidiaries.com)…..put that in any search engine and it will bring you here. Yap, this blog is no longer just a way to keep me preoccupied but this blog will and has become my life…literally

Right i forgot, happy new year y’all. 2016 taught us all important lessons and we dont need to discuss them.2016 is like that troublesome uncle your mum forbids the mention of his name.So when my kid asks, “Mummy what happened in 2016?” My response is simple, “I don’t know darling, mummy wasn’t born by then.”


I have no New Year Resolutions. Nothing new is gonna happen. Lemme explain, for instance in 2016 you were a bitch, in this year be a BETTER BITCH. If you were a liar, be a BETTER LIAR. If you was a hoe(no judging, all power too yah) be a BETTER HOE, BETTEE TWAT, BETTER PRICK.

Today was the first day if school, and let’s just say I needed to take a few minutes to talk with Lord, cause He is the only one who can fix my problems.

Car session belowdecks


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