HIJABI DIARIES turns one today. A year ago in a very depressing Print Media class, my Professor instructed us to start a blog as a class assignment which would be graded at the end of the semester. I was pissed you guys you have no idea.

I will take this opportunity to ask you guys to go back to the very first post and read through my whole blog again just for the sake of it. You know to remember the good old days when my chill was on life support(nothing much has changed there though).

If you are new to the family, we are pleased to have you here. This family will not only make you laugh but there shall be no judging at all. Here we are equal.

One year on and I have to say I’m the glad the old man gave us this assignment. He enabled me to find my calling. I love every minute of blogging and I pray to Allah that this blog will grow In Shaa Allah to heights that I can not even begin to imagine.

To those who have been there for me since day one, I appreciate you and the love is real.Please continue sharing and liking my posts, it means the absolute world to me.

Keep the comments coming, they make my day for sure.

To those who doubted me, LOL!!! Must suck to be you right now………………………..

P.s I know I have neglected you guys, its because well University Professors are having a competition on who can frustrate their students more. The winner gets a salary bonus at the end of semester.

When weird shit starts happening at my uni, it just means the witchdoctors in my village finally received my text. You know those guys are hella busy, to have your needs facilitated, you gotta wait. If their work is good, i’ll share the contact details.



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