Alter Ego 1

I am someone who prides herself in the fact that I have multiple alter egos. Im not crazy, I’m just someone who has multiple personalities and no I’m not schizophrenic.

Most of the time I’m unstable, savage and funny and I actually enjoy it. But once in a while my other alter egos takeover and lemme just say its interesting.

Alter ego 1 I like to call her Bi Maimuna. Shout out to my snap fam. They already met her. Bi Maimuna is the Swahili aunty who offers her opinions on everything and anyone even when these opinions are not asked for. She has appointed herself judge and jury on any matter.

I think this alter ego has always been within me, you know I’m a Swahili and judging people is part of our cultural entity. On a daily I prefer to let everyone live their life, but you know sometimes, the fuckery is just to great to ignore.

But then again, Bi Maimuna was brought out by a specific Snapchat filter which has recently been removed.So I doubt if we shall be seeing any of her for a while.



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