So apparently y’all liked my last post, some of you even said I’m an interesting person.AWWWWWW!!This is news to me. I personally find myself intolerable.So lets continue with the list shall we?

12.What is your favorite food/meal?I personally don’t like to discriminate against food as every single food item is equal in my eyes and loved just as much. But I have to say biryani owns my heart. My mother’s biryani to be specific, the rest of them just don’t cut it.

13. What is the one thing people don’t know about you? I was hoping not to answer this question, but mama aint raise no quitter, so what people don’t know is that I actually and very secretly like to waste peoples’ time. Guys I’m an open book, what you see is everything.

14.Would you identify yourself as an introvert or an extrovert?HAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHA, imma let y’all answer this for yourselves.

15. What don’t you like about yourself ? My belly(makes me look like I’m 4 months pregnant), at times my mouth cause I tend to speak without processing the information or the consequences associated.But then again, none of these stop me from living an unhealthy lifestyle as well as running my mouth.

16. What do you like about yourself? I was gonna get all philosophical with this one, but honestly I love my backside(trying to be politically correct here) as well as the “ladies”. I like my face , my “I love everyone” personality and my constant need to help people. I also like the fact that very few things instill fear in me.Plus I like the fact that I am capable of getting myself out of any sticky situation.

17. What question do you always get?How do I have a kikuyu name and I am Muslim, Lord I’m tired of this one for sure.Why don’t I ever shut up or my favorite one, Why do I live so far! Okay so what if I live far, its not like I’m  inviting you over, so please quit it with the imaginary long distance journey.

18. Dream job? something  to do with media, especially social media and me being based at home.

19.Favourite music genre? i listen to anything and everything, as long as it makes me feel good, I’m down. But if I was to choose it will have to be dancehall and trap.Some bruk off your back always gets my ratchet juices flowing.

Well that where the questionnaire ends(found it off google) now here are some facts about me that I thought you should know:

  • I am extremely punctual and I hate being made to wait
  • Chilli and spices are essentials of my life. If either of these are not present in the food, be rest assured I will not eat.
  • Iused to play rugby and basketball, stopped because of the multiple injuries I got.
  • I have once disassembled a car engine(it was really messy) I even got grease on my hair
  • I love to cook, I find it therapeutic actually, I can bake as well(cakes, pastries etc) you name it, I can probably make it.
  • I play in the rain, always!! If is starts raining, I will for sure run in the rain like a 5 year old
  • I enjoy long drives with RnB blasting through the speakers( corny, I know)
  • I always fulfill my dares, dare me on anything and I shall do it(fearless)
  • My friends know to never put me on speaker, never know what imma say.
  • I am stubborn as fuck, always.
  • I don’t give up, if I want something, I go after it, whatever it takes.
  • I have a very bad temper so bad that I nearly ran over my best friend one time. I missed her body but  hit her foot, she needed a cast for 3 months. She’s alive and still loves me.(I think)

Now with all this information, it  is now safe to say y’all now know the Hijabi Diaries author………or do you?


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