Last Day of the Spring Semester

(I was supposed to post this before but I forgot and yeah here it is.)

Spring Semester was well hectic, crazy, beyond exhausting, patience testing, murder contemplating period.

New friendships were made, old ones disintegrated into the wind but we survived it all. Now as I’m on a much needed break, I decided to fill y’all in on the last day of the semester.(cause my life is just that exciting)

I had a photography exam which honestly I just bullshitted my way through it. I was so done with that class its not even funny. Whatever grade I get only God knows as long as I don’t hear the words “camera obscura” ever again.What do those words even mean? Beats me.

After that, I had my girl’s birthday lunch, it was pretty lit. We ate some good good chicken( thinking about it now I’m hungry, damn these hormonal cravings), I decorated her face with chocolate cake call it face beat by Lutfiya. I gave her some killer chocolate eyebrows. Slayage all the way!!

After that I headed back to campus to hang out with friends. A friend actually, Goddamn her and I gossiped about err’body (girl you know yourself).If we both know you, trust me, we talked about you and all your business, yes we are nosey and we apologize to no one.She was finishing her projects and i tried my best to distract her. Such a good friend I am.

When nightfall hit, I did what any exhausted university student does. I WENT HOME TO SLEEP. And Lord did I sleep.That’s my version of the story and I’m sticking to it.And that’s the end, pretty exciting right?

p.s. if you do meet any of my friends and they tell you something contrary to this, they are lying.


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