Does she know what we have? does she understand the connection between us? She’d have to be an idiot not to see how you look at me but I don’t blame her, she’s in love and love is blind.

Does she know how much I get you? how much I understand your whole being. Can she really appreciate your wit, shallow jokes and the impeccable way you can describe food.

Does she know that we talk for hours, the conversations seem to never end. Do you have the same with her? cause to be honest with you, what we have is special, but does she know that you need to upgrade?

Does she know that I am better than her, I smell better than her, my hair is fuller and longer than hers. Does she know I can cook better than her?Does she know that my skin is fairer than hers, my eyes are lighter than hers….Does she know?

Does she know that I have fully taken her man away ? is she aware that your heart and soul belongs to me? Does she know that you are longing for the next time you will see me. Does she know?

“Does mama mbugua know that I have stolen her best customer and now he buys sukuma wiki  and other vegetables from me. Does she know?” said mama Njuguna as she hid the money in her God given “purse”



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