I am sitting here trying to come up with a really good explanation as to where I have been. I have used blame the university card before as well as writer’s block…sincerely I have no explanation. Lately my life has revolved around scripts, shooting, editing and presenting. (Ahh the joys of journalism innit?) And I’m trying my best to get back into the mojo of writing, so lets see how this goes.

Over the weekend, your girl here turned 21. The festivities followed, some crazy turn up and lots of cake not to mention the ridiculous amount of birthday texts (why don’t y’all love me like that everyday though?). Im not complaining, I’m just curious.

An extra year on and I am pleased to announce that my immature ass is still the same. The only progression I have made is gaining weight and dodging feelings. I thought by now I’d be looking at the world in a different light, but nope, still the same slightly distorted vision I have when I don’t have my glasses on. Oh yeah my night blindness got worse that’s another achievement/progression in my life.

When it comes to dodging feelings ain’t nobody do it better than a hijabi. Fam we were born to dodge feelings. I am out here leaving my life to the fullest, falling asleep without wondering about him…oh him, is he with Someone else? Does he love someone else? Why isn’t he texting me?? yada yada yada.

My only worries now are:  if I eat this 8 sliced pizza in a span of 3 days, will it reduce my calorie intake ? and if I drink green juice after, will my stomach confuse the pizza as good calories? Also why does my hair grow so fast am I part werewolf? My mum does have a bit of a moustache so maybe, am I getting meaner or is the world just fucked up? Who came up with Nutella? That nigga needs to go to heaven!




NEXT POST………………………………………..  I think he knew I was into him and thus he decided to toy with me. Toy with the devil and see why she rules hell!


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