The Love I Lost

I’m sorry I walked away, I had to …..actually scratch that. I am not sorry

There’s a thin line between love and I what I felt for you.Please note, what I FELT, past tense. Was it lust? Was it adoration?

Which ever it may be, I cared. I cared enough to battle the storms with you, I cared enough to fight your wars. I cared enough to want to be there when you take your first steps towards being a better man. I cared

Question is did you care? Did it ever cross your mind how much effort I put into you. I stayed up late and wondered who was occupying your text messages that you didn’t call to tell me how your day was.

Did you care that people would laugh at me whenever I mentioned your name. To them you were a joke but to me, you were my pillar, my person.

I’d crave for your attention yet I gave you mine without a single thought. I changed for you, I became the worse thing I could think of ; a pretender for you.

The girl who was always about being real,  became unreal for you, and the feelings you supposedly had were also unreal.Ah,  the irony.

 I was just another notch on your belt and onto the next one, changing women like underwear but believe you me, you will never find anyone like me.

I’m a jewel,  a diamond that you will never have again and as each day passes and my cells are destroyed and renewed.

One day I’ll have a body you never touched, skin you’d have never felt and maybe, just maybe a heart you never broke

One day…you’ll see me and address me as the The love I lost

P.s. I’m hella hormonal and thus im all up in my feelings. This is a post for anyone who has ever been taken for granted.


4 thoughts on “The Love I Lost

  1. 😭😭😭😍😍😍😍😍😍 I relate to this on so many levels best friend. Aki. I love this post. It’s just so hearty and gets me all up in my feelings. Ain’t nobody should take a gem like you for granted. ❤ Nakupenda

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