Forgive Me Father, For I Have Sinned

I have sinned and today i come to you begging for forgiveness.

It was a moment of weakness, a few minutes of pleasure. And at that point in time it felt right

It was all in slow motion,pure silence and all I could hear was my heart beating and blood rushing through my body.

I wanted to stop, I knew it was wrong but it felt too good.  The taste was too good. The feel was to good. The satisfaction was too good. 

So I continued and I lost myself in the tasting, The feeling and the embracing. I should have pulled away but my mind was on shut down and the rest of my body was in control.

That’s  It, I sinned. I pulled back and looked down at all the mess I had just made.What have I done? How will I recover from this?

1 step forward 30 steps back. I made a promise to you  and here I am. Can I be trusted again? How can I face them again after what I’ve  done?

I should have just been honest from the beginning, there’s  no way I can maintain a diet for more than 2 days. After making a promise on Saturday to be more healthy, today I ate some succulent fried chicken , I had the chicken juices and  sauce flowing everywhere. (I cheated on my diet.)

 To be honest it was real good and I regret nothing. Well actually I kinda do, (Lord I’m sorry.)please help me loose this weight. Scatter the belle dear Lord.  In your name it shall all be possible.Amen!


Can y’all now drag yourselves out of the gutter please. Okay thanks! #HalalPost #IamJustSaying


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