I always forget that not everyone was blessed with common sense. Not everyone has the ability to deliberate on matters and come up with a conscious decision. Not everyone can tackle the hard and life threatening decisions. Not everyone is capable of maturity.All the factors that supposedly make up and build an adult.

Don’t get me wrong, I avoid adulting like it’s the damn plague. Being an adult just feels like too much responsibility, I’d rather leave that to those who were meant to adult. People like my mother.She was born to adult.

But sometimes you just have to step up, be a 21 year old and not a 12 year old. Sit in long meetings which lack an agenda, the coffee tastes like someone bathed a cat in it, the chairs are ripping into your booty, the A/C is either too high or too low. People have no respect for timing, neither do they have respect for your expertise. But you just sit there and take it cause there’s money on the line.

After the meeting, we have the awkward handshakes, un-signed deals and a sore behind.Not to mention another meeting is scheduled to discuss the factors that were to be deliberated in this meeting but these damn adults couldn’t make a decison. But you smile through the pain and promise to show up to the next meeting.

Aaaahhh, if I knew this is the life of an adult, I would have requested to postpone my birth. Or cancel it once and for all.
We should have been living in heaven, there’s no adulting in heaven



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