People people, the holiday is among us and may we all please embrace it………

Lord knows I was waiting for the Summer semester to end as soon as it began.Can I just say I am thankful I survived one of the most gruesome semesters ever. With that outta the way, I am chilling in my uncle’s house enjoying the fact that I don’t gotta do anything but eat and sleep.

My country people went to the polls and my only wish is that we all accept the results and move on. We have better things to do than worry about who won what seat.

Now back to the relaxing……..

For those who don’t know me, I like taking pictures and I am the proud owner of a Canon. I love that camera more than some members of my family. While in the 255, in my uncles’s very serene house(too serene actually) I decided to take some picture, you know to keep myself busy considering the man has no WI-FI in his house (SIGH!!!!!)

I’ll attach the pictures somewhere in this blog post, not sure where. I have a photography blog which I have decided to keep to myself for now, but I’ll make it public one of these days. (Depends on whether God’s light shines on me though.)


These are just some I took, the ones my mum liked. She likes plants so anyway there you have it Andy Young, you have seen some of my pictures


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