My country people oooo……..

So now we voted, we have our president hence life goes back to normal.
The deals that were being postponed until “after elections” can now be closed finally.(Show me the money)

 The last entry we talked about drivers, today we are gonna talk about personal space. Something my country people don’t seem to recognize.

This situation is especially pronounced when standing in line, be it at the bank or the supermarket. No personal space whatsoever.

My behind and your belly are not supposed to be touching my friend…why you so damn close? At least buy me dinner before you start feeling me up.If I literally feel your breath on me, you are too close…if I can stretch my hands and accidentally smack you, you are too close. Now back up please. Thank you

Another instance is when using public transportation, why do some of you insist on looking at what I’m doing on my phone. Be it texting, going through my social media accounts etc.

Do you want to be a part of my conversation with my doctor about the rash I have on my lady parts. Or me telling my man he needs to buy those magnums cause im coming over tonight.
You never know, I may be talking to my witchdoctor back home and because you’re so nosey, now i have to juju voodoo your ass. Do we want that? NO we dont, so just mind your own and pay attention to Maina Kageni please. Thank You.


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