I’m back people………..

So writer’s block did it’s thing again and well I was not in a good space to write for a while but here I am now…..

That Tuesday night, I ended it all
I ended what was supposedly “us”
What is “us”? Was there even an “us”?
All in all, I ended it. I said goodbye, something I’m way too good at.

As I tried to sleep, for the first time in a long time I cried, not just from the pain in my heart but the anger that had taken over my body.
I could not fathom why you made such a decision.And I doubt I ever will.

We didn’t stand a chance, so sad but it’s true.

I stared at the ceiling for a few seconds,i tried my best for no one to hear me cry
And suddenly the tears stopped flowing. Just like that, I was empty, I was numb. And I slept.

In my morning my eyes were swollen, a sight I had not witnessed in a while and I remember why, I look hideous.
This is not me. I washed my face , grabbed some coffee and went about my day.

It felt like a normal day, all was well so I thought. That’s until I saw you but you didn’t see me. You were smiling and it seems like I was the only one hurting….and that’s okay.

That Tuesday night I came to learn you are strong of will but weak of action. Something I can’t deal with.I don’t roll like that.

Like I told you it is what it is
All of it ended way before it even began
I hope you’re happy with your decision
I hope you’ll find happiness one day
I hope you’ll find peace

As my mum always says :

“iliyo na mwazo hatimaye huwa na mwisho”


2 thoughts on “THAT TUESDAY NIGHT

  1. “strong of will but weak of action” You couldn’t have said it any better. That Tuesday night was a reminder that you did all you could and yet they took it for granted. That Tuesday night was a reminder that it’s okay to cry, because what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. That Tuesday night is the night that he’ll always regret. And maybe that Tuesday night, will be a night that shapes him to the man that he should have been.

    I loved this. And I love you ma ❤❤❤

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